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If you require a rental car anywhere Worldwide we have all Holiday and Business locations covered.

So if you are looking for a great start to your holiday or business trip, book your car before your travel date as you could save time and money. Select to pick up your car hire from one of our convenient collection points throughout Europe and beyond...

When we Quote we also list the Special Car Rental Offers available in your Destination at the time from RENT a CAR Market.


As a holiday maker, villa owner, villa renter or business traveler, this saves you time and money on your Car Rental search and you can relax in the knowledge that you will have achieved the best Holiday or Business Car Hire deal available from  RENTaCAR Market.

RENTaCAR Market will help you enjoy the perfect holiday or business trip.    Our comparison search engine will provide you with the cheapest prices out of over 9.000.000 possible offers !

Our search compares over 130 international and national suppliers in over 175 countries.

RENTaCAR Market for Low Cost Rental Cars. Get a Car Hire quote from our easy Comparison Price Search of all types of car rental which may save you money from both national and local Hire Car suppliers. It costs you nothing and we do not add anything to their Quote


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Knowing your way around the rental car market is a huge advantage as there are so many ways in which you can be misled or overcharged. For those who are perhaps not so aware we would like to give you some pointers to stop you falling into the wrong hands. You can have and enjoyable car hire experience if you know the tricks of the trade and how to avoid them. Here is a guide to car rental problems and how to look out for them.


When you arrive at an airport collection point, you may have had a long flight and be feeling tired, stressed and anxious to get to your final destination, you’re at your most vulnerable and can make mistakes. You may be given with the hard-sell, So listen very carefully to what you are being offered and make sure you fully understand the terms and cost.

Check your travel and home-insurance policies to ensure you don’t buy duplicate cover. Get a printout of the rental company’s terms. On collecting your vehicle, don’t sign anything you haven’t read and understood. Remember that every time you scribble your initials in a box, you may be agreeing to pay for an extra you neither want nor need: personal insurance, petrol refills, personal-effects cover, or Super CDW. Make the car hire company fully explain each document that you are asked to sign.


Buying petrol from a car-hire company can be costly. A reputable firm should give you three choices: to drive the car away full and return it full; to buy a full tank and return it empty; or to pay only for what you use.

The first is the simplest, however you must fill the tank to the brim...if staff can get in a few more litres, they may charge you with a refuelling charge, which could be costly. The second option is more expensive. You’ll pay a sizeable percentage more than pump prices and you won’t get a refund on any unused fuel. It is hard to return a car with a full tank, and even more difficult to do so with an empty one. The third option might seem attractive until you discover amount of money that is being charged for the petrol you’ve used... sometimes much more than the pump prices.

Some rental car companies claim you must take a full tank and return it empty. To avoid this, check the terms and car rental conditions when you book and keep a copy with you. Refill on the journey back and as close to the airport as possible and keep your petrol receipts in case of a dispute.


Most companies claim to offer fully inclusive or all in drive-away prices. Although their prices may include collision damage waiver...which limits your liability in the event of damage or theft...you will still pay an excess. Excess charges can be very high . You’d be forgiven for failing to notice the size of the excess when you book because it’s usually hidden in the small print.

But when you pick up your car, the rental staff may point it out... then they then may offer to sell you extra insurance cover. This cover...known as Super CDW will reduce your liability to zero... It’s worth having, but can be expensive.

You don’t need to pay high prices for SCDW. Instead, insure yourself against excess charges with the insurance companies which offer this type of insurance service. They usually offer both annual charges for both policies in Europe and worldwide.


Some drivers are surprised to learn that their insurance doesn’t cover windscreen, wheels, tyres, roof or undercarriage. Rental companies say this is because a typical accident involves dents and scratches to doors, wings etc. So if you’ve damaged the roof or the undercarriage, you must have been abusing the vehicle or driving off road. This means that you’ll be invoiced if you get a puncture, a chipped windscreen or some vandal slashes your tyres? You pay. Repair bills can be very expensive
Even the most cautious driver can get a puncture, so protect yourself. Annual policies are offered by a number of insurance companies which covers tyres, windows, roof and under part of the car. Some cheap per day policies from other sources may not.



If you collect your car from a dark basement car park or at night check it for any damage as soon as you can, preferably before you leave the car hire companies premises and point out any tiny scratch or dent, if you don’t and have driven it sensibly and return it undamaged by you, The first you know of this previous damage is when a charge for “damage” appears on your credit-card bill.

If you don’t have a policy covering excess payments. Inspect the car thoroughly on collection and ensure any damage...however minor... is marked on the vehicle-condition report. Ask staff to drive the car into a well illuminated area before you inspect it. If you can, take before and after photographs of the car with a digital camera, switch on the time and date display. On return, wait while staff inspect it, then ask for a copy of the final report. If nobody inspects the car, write on both copies: “car hire staff did not inspect the car for any damage”

Be alert and meticulous in every detail, both at collection and drop-off points. Leave time to read all the forms and insist on vehicle checks. If a car hire office will be closed when you plan to drop off, consider using an alternative company. And, most importantly, if you think you’ve been over charged, complain. together with the evidence. You have a every chance of getting a refund if you can back up your claim as outlined above.

CDW (collision damage waiver) reduces your liability in the event of an accident. Without it, you could face a bill equal to the replacement cost of the vehicle.

TW (theft waiver) is the equivalent of CDW, but protects against theft. Also known as TP (theft protection).

SCDW (Super CDW) does the job that CDW ought to do, reducing your liability to zero. Often sold in conjunction with Super TW.

PI (personal insurance) pays out if you kill or maim yourself or a passenger. Usually covered on regular travel insurance.

PEC (personal effects cover) pays out if your property is stolen from a vehicle. Usually covered on house insurance.

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We operate a worldwide comparison car hire search with a great range of rental cars and a comprehensive list of pickup points. It links with global car hire brands as well as major local car suppliers throughout the World. So you are offered the most competitive prices in the market together with the highest level of availability even during peak holiday periods


It is a simple 2 click process which only takes a few minutes to complete at RENT a CAR Market

After you click "SEARCH" you will be shown a list of the hire cars available from a range of suppliers. All you have to do is click to select the car you wish to hire and you will linked directly to the car hire supplier’s web site on which bookings are made and which will provide you with more information on the selected car model.

Here you will also get any relevant information on the requested collection point at your destination



RENT a CAR Market can help you get you on the road with a fast on line car hire selection which will provide you with the best deal possible via our quick price comparison search of all available rental cars in the area

Our website is connected to the most reputable car hire suppliers worldwide over a high quality reservation interface.

Customers can reserve the car they want in only two steps and can specify their requirements by by price, car type, number of doors, passengers and supplier.

You gain from special negotiated rates with the car rental companies.

In addition for assistance with your online bookings you can contact a customer service call centre with a free UK phone number 0800 098 82 20 where the team will take care of your booking concerns


RENT a CAR Market saves you time and money on your Car Rental search and you can relax in the knowledge that you have achieved the best Car Hire deal via RENT a CAR Market.

Just pick your desired car hire from the selection of rental cars presented to you... it is that simple!

You are then free to look forward to an enjoyable Holiday or concentrate or your forthcoming business trip . . . . .


Please remember that if you need a hire car for a holiday rental or a business trip, just one search here will enable you to compare prices of up to 130 car hire suppliers in seconds, all in one place. We find you the cheapest car hire currently available . We don't just find you the cheapest deals, we find the cheapest car rental that suits all your needs... and we don't add a penny to the quote plus we may have deals you won't find anywhere else! ....In any event we hope that you...


RENT a CAR Market takes pride in the wide range of locations we have available to YOU, our customers. We cover many thousand destinations worldwide with Rental Cars and have cars available day and night for your convenience.

With many destinations throughout the World, our Car Rental price comparison engine has to be your first choice when you search for a hire car. We have airport car rental pick up points at most of the Major Airports,

We have thousands of locations across America, Europe including Car Hire in the UK and Car Hire in Germany together with rest of the Euro Countries including the most popular summer destinations of Spain, Italy and France with a good supply of Hire Cars. We also supply cars for the winter holiday maker with our ski Rental Car Hire service in Switzerland and Car Hire Austria.

Our Car Price Comparison Search Engine covers Asia and Australia where we can provide the same low rates for Car Hire in Australia if you happen to be paying a visit and need a Hire Car..

To complete our worldwide coverage, we have Car Hire available from north to the South in Africa. So if you need a Car Rental in South Africa or Hire Car Tunisia or Morocco, then our low discounted car hire prices could save you a lot of money.


if you wish to compare our offer, please check direct with the Rental Car companies, however we believe that you will find that you will be better off by using the wider price comparison search that we provide above ... or click the links below


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In any event we hope that you Enjoy your Trip !

and if you selected your Rental Car here, thank you for using...

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Holiday Rental Cars throughout Europe


Spain... a word of caution...Driving in SPAIN can be a nightmare if you have not done so before. Its one of the few things the Spanish are fast at. So take care and make yourself aware of the rules of the road in Spain. Stay alert because not all drivers know or obay the law.

Remember to give way to traffic coming from your left when you are on the minor road. On a roundabout you do not have the right of way until you enter the roundabout.

As in UK seat belts must be used by all in the car and it is the driver who can be fined if anyone in the car is not using their belt

At dusk or in poor visibility (rain) headlights must be used. This also applies while in a tunnel even if the tunnel is well illuminated.



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